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Tips on Tipping: Gratuity Amounts for Motorcoach Drivers

Sun, 2015-09-13 13:27 -- toursadmn

Gratuity Amounts for Motorcoach Drivers

Motorcoach Drivers can make or break a tour. A driver that operates the motorcoach smoothly and efficiently, assists with luggage and keeps the Motorcoach clean inside and out can be a valuable asset to any tour. If you feel your driver has provided you with exceptional service and you wish to show your appreciation, you may extend a gratuity to him or her. Gratuities are always welcome and the amount varies according to the specifics of the tour.

One-Day Trips
Travel Sense suggests that $2 per person is reasonable for a shared tour, while a private tour deserves a bigger, larger gratuity. Use your discretion, basing the amount on level of service that you feel you received. If the driver went out of his way for you, consider leaving an extra gratuity.

Multi-Day Tours
Most multi-day escorted tours provide both a Tour Director and a Tour Driver. The Tour Driver provides logistics and routing of the tour while the Tour Director provides information and guidance to the travelers. Travel Sense recommends giving $3 to $8 per day to the Tour Director and $2 per day to the Driver, while the Independent Traveler suggests $5 to $10 per day for each. Otherwise, tip according to your experience and according to your personal observations of the amount of work each person did for you.


Kincaid Tours provide gratuity guidelines in most of our departure information which is mailed out before each tour.
Below is a sample from a Kincaid Tour Departure Brochure:

For your convenience Gratuity Envelopes have been included in the departure information.
The Tour Director’s and the Motor Coach Driver’s Gratuity is not included in the tour price.
Suggested Gratuity is $2 - $3 per person per day (that amount is at your discretion).


Motorcoach Charters
Although it is not necessary to give a gratuity to a charter driver, gratuities are always appreciated. Rather than tipping individually, consider taking up a collection from everyone on the motorcoach. Feel free to set a suggested gratuity amount, such as $1 per person per day. If someone on the motorcoach charter received additional services or is simply feeling generous, it is always appropriate for that person to discreetly offer an extra gratuity as well.

Special Considerations
Although gratuities for motorcoach tour drivers are a generally accepted practice, it is not always appropriate. Some tour companies and charter services include gratuities in the price of the tour and do not permit drivers to accept additional gratuities (ask the motorcoach company when booking).


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